Monday, May 4, 2009

10 things...

10 Things I Want to Do With My Kids This Year

10. Play outside in the warm rain this summer
9. Take them to Seattle to watch the Mariners play baseball
8. Go to a nursing home and let them read a story to someone
7. Take a professional family portrait and send pictures to our whole family
6. Have a backwards day where we do daily activities in reverse order, such as dessert for breakfast
5. Go to the water park that is in Northern Idaho
4. Camp out in the backyard, s'mores, hot dogs, the whole shebang
3. Have them pick out a toy to donate to a shelter, pick out food to donate at Thanksgiving, and help them remember how blessed we are.
2. Have a mud, cake, whipped cream, some sort of food fight.
1. Keep taking them to church and get them more involved with telling their neighborhood/school friends about God and salvation.

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