Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A little crazy catch-up...

Wow, where do I start? Things are a bit nuts around here.

First off, my mom and step-dad have moved in with us. We all decided that instead of just 'getting by' if we all lived together for the summer we could all save up some money and create a bit of a nest egg. So 2 weekends ago they moved their belongings to storage and nestled into Lizzie's pink and green ladybug room. Its a little tight here, but worth it. My mom and I have one of those rare relationships. We are best friends and get along 99% of the time. We agree on just about everything and are totally capable of being in the same house together for months. I can even honestly say that Nathan and my mom get along just as well. He wouldn't dare complain about her as some men do about their Mother-in-laws... they get along as if he were her own son. (But I guess that would be kinda weird, lol)
Mom has been sentenced to a life of swing pushing, lol

Second, Nathan is job hunting. His job at CableOne is no longer. This just happened last week, after they moved in. Kind of a scary time right now to be looking for work. We are trusting in God to open the doors needed to provide for our family. Nathan has 2 offers on the table, both of which are a mental struggle for him. Please say a prayer that God leads him to the job that He has planned for us.
Father's Day was awesome here. The boys and Lizzie made a shirt with their hand prints. He wore it to church proudly. We went to a baseball game that evening and though it was cold, 48, windy and drizzly, it was a blast!

Baseball season is over tonight, and although it was fun... I am glad to have my evenings back. I will be happy to not have to rush dinner and wash uniforms last minute. The boys had an awesome season and next year I will have 3 boys on 3 separate teams, ouch! Watching them learn about the game and improving their skills has been great... they are so stinkin smart.

Lizzie is growing up so fast, as they all are. Her personality is really starting to shine. She smiles almost all the time but has a very quick temper. When she gets upset she does it fast. She is a thrower, she'll pick up any toy close by, including her car she rides on and chucks it, hard! She has a very feisty spirit. Thankfully, this never happens outside the home. At the store she is almost always an angel. Figures, lol She keeps us very busy and has been getting me up before the sun rises lately. She is getting ready to have her first haircut, really just a trim, even out her crazy curls just a bit. I never imagined I'd have a little girl, now I thank God for her each day. She's my girl!

Well now that I have typed this all out my life doesn't seem quite so nuts. I guess getting in a routine just helps. Summertime has been great so far, the weather has been nuts, but we are trying to enjoy each day.