Monday, May 18, 2009


Last night Nathan and I watched Changeling together. It is a new movie, just out on pay-per-view with Angelina Jolie. Though we have had it recorded for a few weeks now, I have dreaded watching it. Nathan has bugged me for a while and last night I thought I'd be nice and watch it with him.

The description of the movie is about a single mother in the 1920's whose son goes missing and the police return a different little boy to her... expecting her to just take him in and pretend.

Without giving away the rest of the movie I was just so sad the entire movie. I'd say my greatest fear is one of my children disappearing and never knowing what happened to them.
Nathan has always given me a hard time about being too protective of the children. He still thinks that since he was able to run the neighborhood at their age and he was OK then the boys should be able to do the same. Its not true... these days I trust no one... and my kids are my responsibility. I don't care how nice your neighborhood is, or how mature you think your kids are, truth is there are sick people out there who do sick things.
After watching this movie and seeing/feeling how this mother feels as her son is missing gave Nathan the slightest bit of insight. He told me I am not over-protective and he's glad I keep the boys close by. I cover the boys in the blood every time they leave the house. I trust God to keep them safe and healthy.

This movie is tough to watch, I don't know if I even recommend anyone to watch it.

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