Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yesterday, Monday, was such a fun day for our family. It's not that we don't have many, but yesterday just seemed different.

First of all, it got up to 95 degrees for the 1st time this year. I was loving it! Finally some warm, bright sunshine!
Second, my mom and I ran some errands, including a second-hand children's clothing store. I always love going and most of Lizzie's clothes have come from there. I have store credit from taking in a lot of her outgrown clothing.
I racked up big! I have to brag about everything I got....
3 pair boys shorts
1 boys shirt
1 boys sandals (Birkenstock)
1 girls shoes
1 girls dress
1 girls shirt
2 women's shirts -
All for $31.00!! Woohoo! Everyone loves a good deal!

Third, Seth and Joshua had their 1st baseball game. I packed a heavy diaper bag to keep Lizzie happy and coated everyone in sunscreen and out to the ball fields we went. The boys were super excited and played a great game. Although Joshua had trouble hitting off the machine, he executed perfect plays in the field. Seth was able to get on base twice and also, played well in the field. Nathan, my mom and step-dad joined the cheering section and although it was HOT! we all enjoyed ourselves.
Seth and Joshua at their game

Lizzie relaxing in the stroller

Then it was off to Nathan's work softball game. That's a lot of baseball in one day. Thankfully we were in the shade for this game and the boys had other kids to play with. Nathan's team was getting stomped, but made a heck of a comeback to almost win the game.
It was 10:15 before the house was silent, usually this would bug me since I love my quiet time at night, but last night I didn't mind so much. We had a wonderfully blessed family day together! I thank God for days like this!

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J. DeBoe said...

Sounds like a very fun day!