Monday, May 4, 2009

Seth is 9!

Seth's 9th birthday was yesterday. I can't believe how 9 years has gone by so fast. Yes, I know every mother says that, but it is true.

I was a very young 16 when I had him. Although I was married, at 16 you really have no idea how life is about to change. I was blessed enough to have the loving support of my family, friends and most of my church. (The youth pastor thought I should have an abortion or atleast give him up... that was NOT going to happen.)

I saw a midwife practice and loved them. I never felt judged and they were always very kind and caring. I was very comfortable with their laid back approach to giving birth. My pregnancy was textbook and I was induced at 42 weeks. All my friends showed up for his birth, even my friend who had college exams the next morning. My epidural was great, I pulled it out accidently and it was re-done. I was in labor for 8-9 hours and pushed for under 30mins. He was born at 4:19am... Not shabby for a 1st delivery. I think there were 6 people still right outside my door.

Seth was an awesome baby, hardly cried (once I learned about co-sleeping), nursed wonderfully and had a gorgeous smile. He crawled and walked early.
(I'm going to brag about him now, what mom doesn't brag about their child on their birthday?!)
He is so stinking smart. He is finishing his 1st year of ALP, which is an advanced learning class. It is a small class of 14 3rd graders from 4 different elementary schools. He is in 4th grade math and 5/6 grade reading. He amazes me everyday. He also loves sports and plays baseball, football and basketball. Above all this, he is so loving and has a caring heart. He accepted Christ into his heart almost 2 years ago. He's not afraid to shed a tear at a sad movie and has asked to help out families in need. I am very blessed, honored and proud to be his mother.

Here are some pictures from the past year.

His spring school potrait

At Uncle Chris's b-day party

This is his 'strike a pose' look

He won an award at school - and we were growing his hair out

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