Friday, April 24, 2009

Sad people

I was on facebook this afternoon and saw an update from a high school acquaintance of mine. What I read shocked me, then saddened me. I don't know if this is Internet etiquette... but o'well... here is what they wrote...

"I just saw a shirt that said "Righteous Gangsta" with a guy praying, wearing all these chains...why can't people be Christians without shouting to the world that they're homies with Jesus?"

Isn't that so sad? I do not know if this person is saved and has a personal relationship with Jesus, but it sure doesn't sound like it. I can only imagine that people who say things as this are sad in their life. They must feel everyday that something is missing.
I love sports. I love wearing their logos and I love watching and cheering for them. But you can bet your butt I praise God the same way. I stand up, I sing, I clap, I dance... no team out there is more important than my God. I will wear His name, say His name, sing His name, cheer His name and be proud to do it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pray for Kayleigh

This little girl needs our prayers. After being born severely premature she has beaten many obstacles. She is 9 months old and if I'm not mistaken, her parents have yet to bring her home. She just had surgery, and though it was 1st thought successful, she is now having sudden, unexplainable complications. The Dr.s are now using the professional term for 'brain dead' Her parents are beyond heartbroken and cannot believe the recent turn of events. They love God and are trusting in Him right now.
We know God is bigger than a diagnosis. We know God performs miracles.
Can you please pray for this little girl and her family...