Friday, April 24, 2009

Sad people

I was on facebook this afternoon and saw an update from a high school acquaintance of mine. What I read shocked me, then saddened me. I don't know if this is Internet etiquette... but o'well... here is what they wrote...

"I just saw a shirt that said "Righteous Gangsta" with a guy praying, wearing all these chains...why can't people be Christians without shouting to the world that they're homies with Jesus?"

Isn't that so sad? I do not know if this person is saved and has a personal relationship with Jesus, but it sure doesn't sound like it. I can only imagine that people who say things as this are sad in their life. They must feel everyday that something is missing.
I love sports. I love wearing their logos and I love watching and cheering for them. But you can bet your butt I praise God the same way. I stand up, I sing, I clap, I dance... no team out there is more important than my God. I will wear His name, say His name, sing His name, cheer His name and be proud to do it.

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