Monday, March 2, 2009

Great hubby

My very awesome hubby is in the kitchen cooking. Most of you should know that is rare, like very rare. His extent of cooking is taking us out to Applebee's or grilling steaks.
But I am very thankful, because my mouth hurts and I am tired. The dentist was very gentle with me today and I had almost no pain. Between my mom and hubby, I have sat on the couch and been waited on. It has been very nice and a night to relax is a huge gift.
Nathan is standing just a few feet away, patiently listening to me as I 'help' him make Hamburger Helper. Although I won't be eating it, knowing that my boys will be fed and happy is stress I don't have to feel.
My husband is awesome, I'm going to write about him more often.

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