Monday, March 16, 2009


Nathan and I watched the new movie Fireproof with Kirk Cameron last night. It's about a husband and wife who decide after 7 years to get divorced. The husband's father asks him to try 1 last thing that really helped him with his own marriage. It is a notebook and it lasts 40 days.

It is a really, really good movie! I would advise any couple, Christian or not to watch this movie together. Marriages are hard, no one wise has said otherwise. I believe that God laid out lots of ways in the Bible for it to be successful. But what happens when you don't read the Bible? Or if you don't even know God? How will you succeed in a life made by Him? I believe that all of us can use a little relationship help every so often and I think this movie was inspired by the One who wants that for us. What do you have to lose by watching it? 2 hours? Trust me... you won't regret it, neither will your spouse!

Also, Facing the Giants is wonderful too! Made by the same people and definitely good for the whole family to watch together. It talks about trusting God even when things aren't going well, especially when things are tough. Our sons watched this with us and it felt good knowing they were being influenced with positive media. We will be buying both DVD's.

If you watch either of them, let me know what you thought.

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