Wednesday, February 11, 2009

God's plan

Boy, If we didn't realize God has a plan more than now...

Nathan and I filed our taxes a few weeks ago. With him going to school most of the year we figured we wouldn't get much back. We were very surprised when our tax guy told us that we would recieve over $5,000. Like some have said, it pays to be poor, lol

Two days ago we still hadn't recieved our federal return. It was then we found out that our much needed return was seized by the military (DFAS) and going to pay back debt. ALL of it!

Wow.... We were making steady payments to them, but missed a couple near the holidays. We planned to catch-up with our return. Guess what, the IRS took care of that for us. We were kind of in shock. That was alot of useful money we are never gonna touch now. Like alot of people right now, we are behind on some important payments. Immediately Nathan and I had a sinking feeling, knowing that our past choices had put us into a bind. Within minutes though, sadness turned to belief, we knew that God had a plan. We have been praying more than usual the past couple of weeks, for God to reveal more of his plan to us. Well he sure did. We couldn't be mad or upset over this, we knew we had to keep going on. We prayed and told Him we trusted Him and that we would follow in His direction.
This was just a few days ago and God has surely shown himself. Nathan has sold more at work (he works for CableOne) in 2 days than some 2 weeks combined. People have literally been calling his phone asking for his services. God has poured the customers into Nathan's lap.
And then to top it off, I recieved a letter from the IRS stating that IF we live in a community property state (we do) then I may be entitled to 1/2 of the money back. Since it is solely Nathan's past debt, and not mine, then the government cannot take my part of the return. Woohoo! We trusted in God completely and He has not let us down. So, I filed the paperwork and hopefully in 6 weeks I will look at God's blessing in the form of a check.
He takes care of our needs.... when we believe in Him!

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