Saturday, January 31, 2009

Idaho Stampede

So our next door neighbor is the score book keeper for the Idaho Stampede. They are a developmental NBA team. They feed into the Raptors and Trailblazers. Our neighbor was nice enough to offer us unlimited tickets to the games, woohoo! You know how we love sports.
I whole heartedly believe that God supplied these tickets after we prayed for more oppurtunities to go out together without it costing so much.
I love being at games. It is so much better than watching on tv. The sounds are so much more real. We normally get a drink, maybe some peanuts and settle into our seats. The team is really good this year and we enjoy watching them put a monkey stomping on their opponents. The boys really enjoy going, although their attention span isnt quite long enough. Good thing the arena is kid friendly. Last weekend Seth caught a ticket from the blimp and got a free 14day workout. Nathan caught a t-shirt and gave it to Seth. Im thankful I am able to take my kids to such games, buy them a popcorn and enjoy watching their excitement. Tonight we are going as a whole family, my mom and Mike included. Im really excited and very thankful for all the little things we are blessed to do together.

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J. DeBoe said...

Oh!!! I'm loving the new blog! And yeah your writing again! I'm going to steal your idea (of course) and check out the free backgrounds for blogs too! I looked when I started them but haven't tried any since. Good idear!