Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poor Lizzie

My sweet baby Lizzie has been sick. Very sick. I guess this is her 1st time having more than just a common cold. She started throwing up on Thursday afternoon. It was almost like having contractions, every 10 mins she would tilt her head and gag. This went on until 1am when we finally doozed on the hard, living room floor. The next couple days were a blur, Nathan and I spent our time watching Lizzie, laying with her, and trying to get water down her. We both stayed up till 3am one night and he stayed with her until 5am one morning. It is so sad to see your pitiful child who trusts you whole-heartedly to keep them safe, lay still with no color. I am thankful that it seems to be just a terrible bug and not anything more serious. I am also thankful that the 30-something times she has thrown up has been on the kitchen floor or I had a cloth to catch it and not on the carpet. Somehow through this God has kept her hydrated, even when she had no fluids for a whole day. I am hoping as she is waddling around right now that she is on the up-hill road to feeling better... we will see....

Update Wednesday:
Lizzie threw up 2x during the night. (That makes 33 times since Thursday, yes, ive counted)
Her Dr. is ordering bloodwork and urine today. We will see if that shows anything unusual. I just want my baby back bouncing around the house. If this is just a virus, I rebuke it to Hell, lol

Update Saturday:
Lizzie did not throw up last night! Thank you Lord! I did give her nausea medicine, but hopefully she is getting better as well. She is back to her demanding self today so thats a good sign. Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts. I hope to never see this 'bug' or whatever it was again!

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