Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Pound Plunge update

As I am sitting here on my new Balance Ball while on the computer, thought I'd do a Pound Plunge update.
Tuesday was the 1st time I met my teammates for the Pound Plunge. 2 of the other women are in nursing school. We met with our trainer and started off with a mile around the track. I am getting over an upper respiratory something so I was out of breath pretty quickly. I held on and ran it in about 8 mins. Since the challenge this week was cycling, we got on the bikes so everyone could get used to how they worked. I have been to quite a few cycling classes so I knew what to expect. After our hour of group was over I got on the elliptical for 20 more mins. It's hard to go home once you are already there, just keep on keeping on.
I worked out Wednesday by myself. I did cardio and arms and resisted the urge to weigh myself. Makes more sense to stick to the mandatory 1x week weigh in. I did about 60 lunges and was beyond sore that night and the next day.
Thursday evening was the challenge. 1 of my teammates didn't show up but we were added a person so it got us back to 3 people. They set the bikes up in the gym. There were 12 teams, 3-4 people each. We would start at a 2 resistance and it would be upped by 2 clicks every 3 mins. You could change teammates every 5 mins. As long as someone was on the bike your team was still in. There was a miscommunication about how much to turn up the resistance. Long story short our team was turning it up too much each time and thus working much harder. After about 15 mins the trainer in charge started checking every ones bike and seeing that not everyone was going at the same rate. Our team was definitely higher. The trainer herself started turning each teams resistance up at that point. We were nearing 55 mins on the bike when she turned ours 3 clicks. It was the highest resistance and literally stopped the bike. My teammate tried to peddle, used all her weight, but the wheel would not budge. 10 seconds later, the trainer called us out! I was kind of ticked off, it was very obvious that we were at the last resistance while other teams still had 5-10 clicks left.
O'well, we made it to 54mins, and came in 7th place I believe. It was a huge workout and I felt good afterwards. Nothing like being part of a team and wanting to reach the goal together.
Next week is 4 different arm reps with a 10lb bar. Gotta get those arms in shape for tank top weather. Oh, and since last Saturday I lost 1 full lb.


The Price Family! said...

I found your blog through Aimee, I would love to follow your blog. Thanks Becky

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Welcome Becky, follow away!