Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pound Plunge

I'm taking the Plunge!
At our YMCA we have a quarterly program that goes on. Think, Biggest Loser sort of. Those that sign-up are put into groups of 3-4 people. Each week you meet with your assigned trainer 2x I believe. They talk about goals, nutrition and make a plan. Each week there is a physical challenge for each group to complete. You also get together a few times to workout as a team. At the end of each week they post results of the challenge and which group lost the most % of weight. For instance, the last entire group lost 407lbs over their quarter.
I'm really excited and motivated. I enjoy working out mostly, but there are times I slack off or find excuses not to go. This way, I am part of a team and held much more accountable. I plan on blogging each week about my teams progress.
Official weigh-in is Saturday, but today I was about 158lbs.
Here is to losing some weight and getting healthier! Oh, and I don't wanna jiggle anymore! ; )

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Bri said...

See that program is what I need! I too suffer from lack of motivation these days. Good luck with the team and challenge and I look forward to hearing about the progress!