Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jesus is the real Superhero

Ya know, I'm really not feeling Halloween this year. Each year I enjoy it less and less. It's so hard to get away from stero-typical ghouls and goblins.
Our kids have been raised from the get go that Halloween itself isn't a Godly holiday. We do let them celebrate, Fall Festival that is. I won't allow credit to the devil, or satan, or any other bad spirit or demon.
The kids are allowed to dress-up, only as good guys. Instead of "trick or treat" at the door we say "Jesus loves you". We try and attend church functions where Jesus is still the SuperHero.
Anyway, I'm not totally excited about today, but, because my kids get such a big smile on their faces as they dawn costumes and eat loads of candy, I put a smile on too and remember that glory can be given to God at anytime....

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