Saturday, November 14, 2009

Focus on GOD not satan

I've never been one to give the devil much credit. God already won, what's to fear of him? Last night I went to a conference meeting at a new church. A friend of the family's was in from S.C. and spoke.
Wow.... what a lesson to be learned. I wish I had written down what was being said, but long story short:
God gave us all the power, each and everyone of us. Not satan. I think he's in Hell, where there is no God. You really think he can bother each and every one of us each day?
I don't think so. "If God be for you, who then can be against you?"
We make poor decisions, our flesh likes to sin.... we need to take the credit for our mistakes or shortcomings.... bad days and poor attitudes. A mere fallen angel has nothing to do with it.
Satan has no power over Jesus because he didn't sin, and if we live in Jesus and Jesus lives in us, Satan has no power over us. So let's stop giving him credit, and give the Glory to GOD!
P.S. I never said I was a good writer.... it's hard for me to type what I'm thinking/feeling so please bare with my choppy paragraphs.

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