Monday, October 20, 2008

Going to the Mountains

Nathan has to go work in a town about 2 hours away this week. He was nice enough to ask his boss if I could go. So, after stressing, planning, and rethinking it all, Im going to go. My mom (thanx a bunch) and Nathans dad will help watch the kids for 2 days. Im kinda getting excited now. 2 days to myself. I can get the rest Ive been needing, catch up on some reading, and have some alone time with Nathan. Not to mention where we are going is beautiful, so I hope to get some great fall pictures.
I havent been feeling well lately and Ive been taking it out on the kids some, so hopefully I can come home calmer and ready to be a good mama again. I have lots of fun fall crafts Id like to do with them but I need to have more patience, more rest. When mama don't feel good, nobody does.
Speaking of fall, its pretty around here. We dont have alot of trees, but the ones that are here are gorgeous. Lots of bright reds and yellows. The weather has been weird, but I have to admit the cooler air feels good. I dont like to bundle up, maybe later in the year I'll get used to it. Something about being all bulky and stuffed in a jacket that makes me... uhh... uncomfy?
Anyway, thats about it.... gotta do a million things before I can leave town for 2 days, LOL

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