Sunday, October 26, 2008

Already time huh?

Wow, I can't believe the stores are filled with Christmas stuff already. I really look forward to the time between Thanksgiving and New Years. It seems each year gets jollier, more decorations, new trends. This year we have thought about doing the 'new' thing, hanging our Christmas tree upside down from the ceiling. Partly because its different, partly because it will help keep Lizzie away. My friends on the Aug 01' board told me that the tradition started with the old 'new' missionary Christians. They hung the evergreen tree upside down to make sure it was displayed differently from the other house plants, to make it stand out above all others. We still need to verify this before we do it. Just wanna make sure its not some pagan ritual or something. I think it would be fun, different, make our family memory special. On a funny note, my mom ordered the leg lamp from a Christmas Story to put in her front window, how cute!
Anyway, I look forward to the air around this time, all the Christmas music, smell of pine and cinnamon. I dont think I will get to decorate this year, trying to keep Lizzie away from it all would be draining. Next year will be a good age to get everything back out. I want to collect snowmen and nativity scenes.... no santas. Santa is a name we vaguely toss around here. No way some old man is gonna get the credit for the toys and blessings in this house. Jesus gets all the credit for the wonderful things we have and experience.
Im kinda lost on what to get the boys this year. Seems everything is getting electronic ($$$) and techinical. The boys like video games but we dont allow them much here. I'd rather them be outside playing or playing board games, which we all love. They do have a Gameboy Advance, I think well just get new games for that. No Wii's or XBox's here, atleast not for a while. Seth thinks he needs a MP3 player, I said what does an 8 yr old do with one of those? lol Their dad is buying them a $150 Star Wars toy.. crazy! You know what I could buy with $150? Geesh! Atleast he is thinking about what they really like (Star Wars) and is buying them something. They really need more clothes but how boring is that? We'll see, clearance aisles here I come.
I want to start shopping now, do a little each week so by Thanksgiving I can be done and just enjoy this wonderous time of year.

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