Friday, October 24, 2008

Back from the mountains

Well that was 2 nice days. Nathan and I both enjoyed ourselves. We got there around 2pm on Tuesday. We got all checked in and decided to explore his route that he had to sell to while we were up there. Most of his 80-something homes were on a street on the lake. It was obvious immediately that most of the were vacation homes. Some were old, some were new and some were! There were some massive, luxurious, breath taking homes. We stopped at one for sale and looked through all the windows. It was huge, like 3,000 sq feet. Completely done in hard wood floors, beautiful glass all around with a wonderful view. The master bedroom though elegant, was small. I told Nathan not to buy it for me, LOL At home I looked it up, it was $2.5 million!! Wowzas!
That night we went to a local resturaunt/pub. There were only 2 choices in this little town of 200 people. I ordered the Chicken fried steak and was given a plate big enough for 3 people. It was nice to sit back and relax while I ate. I didnt have to get up and help someone else, no dishes, no chaos, just me and him. We talked about alot of stuff that gets looked over on a typical day. Moms and dads dont get alot of time to speak about adult things. Nathan worked that evening and I watched tv. Something I dont do alot of unless its sports or House. It was fun flipping through all the channels. I brought 2 books to read but the tv entertained me enough. I was pretty lazy while I was there. Took in the peace and quiet. Drank alot of tea and coffee. Although I liked being alone for a little while, it was definitly strange. God made me to be a mother of 4, not being around them feels out of my element.
Nathans boss came up the next day and took us all out to lunch, that was nice. His coworkers are pretty funny and we laughed more than anything. Once again we were served too much food. Seems all we did was eat. So much for being low-carb right now. I took a nice long nap later in the day. Forgetting that I was alone I swore I heard the boys playing. I think people who dont have kids dont truly understand the mama ears we have. We hear things.... things no one else hears, like the kids turning over in bed at night, I can hear it. We watched the game that night, go RAYS!, and again, were stuffed at the now very familar resturaunt. I wasted so much food, tisk tisk, we didnt have a fridge in our room.
It was a very relaxing, rejuvenating time for me. I came home a bit calmer and collected. I missed my kiddos, maybe not their fighting and arguing, but I missed Joshua's smiling face, telling Benny I love his guts, and Seths always available wisdom. Every mama, and daddy, need a little time for themselves, or its very easy to lose the person you truly are and want to be. Speaking of which, I will be going back to school soon... but thats a whole nother post....

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